OEM China Film Packaging Material - Low Melt EVA Film – Zonpak

Low melt EVA film is specially designed for the packaging of rubber and plastic chemicals on FFS (form-fill-seal) automatic bagging machines. The film is featured with low melting point and good compatibility with natural and synthetic rubber. The bags made on an FFS bagging machine can be direct put into an internal mixer at the user plant because they can easily melt and fully disperse in the rubber and plastic as a minor effective ingredient. The low melt EVA film has stable chemical properties and good physical strength, suits most rubber chemicals and automatic packaging machines. BENEFITS:
  • Reach high speed, clean and safe packing of chemical materials
  • Make any size packages (from 100g to 5000g) as customer required
  • Help make the mixing process easier, accurate and clean.
  • Leave no packaging waste
  • peptizer, anti-aging agent, curing agent, rubber process oil
  • single wound sheeting, center folded or tube form,  colour, printing
  • Material: EVA
  • Melting point: 65-110 deg. C
  • Film thickness: 30-200 micron
  • Film width: 200-1200 mm