Lowest Price for Embossed EVA Bags - Low Melt Bags for Tire Industry – Zonpak

ZonpakTM low melt bags are also called rubber compounding bags or rubber ingredient bags in the tire industry. The bags are specially designed for packing rubber additives and chemicals used in the compounding or mixing process. Bags with different melting points are suitable for different mixing conditions. Bags with melting point 85 deg. C are the most often used, while bags with melting point 72 deg. C are used for adding of accelerators. Improving work environment, ensuring accurate adding of additives and raising production efficiency are the main benefits of using low melt bags.  

Technical Standards

Melting point 65-110 deg. C
Physical properties
Tensile strength MD ≥16MPa  TD ≥16MPa
Elongation at break MD ≥400%  TD ≥400%
Modulus at 100% elongation MD ≥6MPa  TD ≥3MPa
Surface of the product is flat and smooth, there is no wrinkle, no bubble.