Super Lowest Price EVA Bag for Rubber Industry - Low Melt EVA Batch Inclusion Bags – Zonpak

ZonpakTM low melt EVA batch inclusion bags are specially designed packaging bags for rubber ingredients and additives used in the rubber compounding process. These bags are made of EVA resin which has particular low melting point and good compatibility with natural and synthetic rubber, so these bags of ingredients can be direct thrown into an internal mixer, and the bags will melt and fully disperse in the rubber as an effective ingredient. BENEFITS:
  • Facilitate pre-weighing and handling of the materials.
  • Ensure accurate dosage of ingredients, improve batch to batch uniformity.
  • Reduce spill losses, prevent material waste.
  • Reduce dust fly, provide cleaner work environment.
  • Improve the process efficiency, reduce the comprehensive cost. 
  • carbon black, silica (white carbon black), titanium dioxide, anti-aging agent, accelerator, curing agent and rubber process oil
  • colour, bag tie, printing