PriceList for Low Melt Batch Inclusion Valve Bags - Low Melt Valve Bags – Zonpak

Low melt valve bags are specially designed for the industrial packaging of rubber and plastic additives. Using the low melt valve bags with an automatic filling machine, material suppliers can make standard packages e.g. 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg which can be direct put into an internal mixer by the material users. The bags will melt and fully disperse in the rubber or plastic mixture as a minor effective ingredient in the compounding and mixing process. So it is more popular than paper bags. BENEFITS:
  • No fly loss of materials
  • Improved packing efficiency
  • Easy stacking and palletizing
  • Assure accurate adding of materials
  • Cleaner work environment
  • No packaging waste left
  • rubber and plastic pellet or powder, carbon black, silica, zinc oxide, alumina, calcium carbonate, kaolinite clay
  • Gusset or block bottom, embossing, venting, color, printing 
  • Material: EVA
  • Melting point: 65-110 deg. C
  • Film thickness: 100-200 micron
  • Bag width: 350-1000 mm
  • Bag length: 400-1500 mm