Low price for - EVA Batch Inclusion Valve Bags – Zonpak

Zonpak low melt EVA valve bag is a special packaging bag for rubber chemicals. Comparing to the common PE or paper bags, the EVA bags are easier and cleaner to use for the rubber compounding process. High speed and quantitative filling can be achieved by placing the valve port on the top of the bag to the spout of the filling machine . Different valve types are available to match different filling machines and materials. The valve bag is made of virgin EVA, featured with low melting point, good compatibility with rubber, solid and high impact resistance. After filled the bag become a flat cuboid, can be piled up neatly. It is suitable for the packing of various particles, powders, and ultra-fine powders.   CHARACTERISTICS: 1. Low Melting Points Bags with different melting points (72-110ºC) are available as required. 2.  Good Dispersity and Compatibility The bags can be used in various rubber and plastic materials. 3. High Physical Strength The bags are applicable to most filling machines.  4. Good Chemical Stability Good environmental stress cracking resistance and weather resistance help ensure safer material storage. 5. Special Design Embossing, venting and printing are all available. APPLICATIONS: Various bag size (5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg) are available for particle and powder materials (e.g. carbon black, white carbon black, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate).