Low Melt Valve Bags for CPE Pellets

This is a specially designed packaging bag for CPE resin (Chlorinated Polyethylene) pellets. With this low melt valve bags and an automatic filling machine, CPE manufacturers can make standard packages of 10kg, 20kg and 25kg.  The low melt valve bags have a lower melting point and is highly compatible with rubber and plastic, so the bags together with the contained materials can be direct put into an internal mixer, and the bags can fully disperse into the mixture as a minor ingredient. Bags of different melting point are available for different using conditions. OPTIONS:
  • Gusset or block bottom, embossing, venting, color, printing 
  • Material: EVA
  • Melting point: 65-110 deg. C
  • Film thickness: 100-200 micron
  • Bag width: 350-1000 mm
  • Bag length: 400-1500 mm