Low Melt Bags

It is common that dust of raw materials flies everywhere in the workshop of rubber and tyre plants, which causes environment pullution and can be harmful to the workers' health. To solve this problem, low melt batch inclusion bags are developed after lots of material analyses and experiments. The bags have particular low melting points and are specially designed for the rubber and plastic compounding process. Workers can use these bags to pre-weigh and temporarily store the ingredients and additives. During the mixing process, the bags together with the materials contained can be direct thrown into a banbury mixer. The using of the low melting batch inclusion bags can largely improve the production environment, minimize the workers' exposure to hazardous materials, make the weighing of the materials easier and increase the production efficiency.  Properties: 
  • Different melting points (from 70 to 110 deg. C) are available as customer required. 
  •  High physical strength, e.g. tensile strength, impact strength, puncture resistance, flexibility, and rubber-like elasticity.
  •  Excellent chemical stability, nontoxic, good environmental stress cracking resistance, weather resistance and compatibility with the rubber materials.
  • Good compatibility with various rubber, e.g. NR, BR, SBR, SSBRD.
 Applications: These bags are mainly used for packaging various chemical materials and reagents (e.g. white carbon black, carbon black, anti-aging agent, accelerator, sulphur and aromatic hydrocarbon oil) in the tire and rubber products industry , plastic processing industry (PVC, plastic pipe and extrude ) and rubber chemical industry.  

Technical Standards

Melting point 70-110℃
Physical properties
Tensile strength MD ≥16MPa  TD ≥16MPa
Elongation at break MD ≥400%  TD ≥400%
Modulus at 100% elongation MD ≥6MPa  TD ≥3MPa
Surface of the product is flat and smooth, there is no wrinkle, no bubble.