Hot New Products - Low Melt Valve Bags for Carbon Black – Zonpak

 We make this kind of low melt valve bags for carbon black to facilitate the use of carbon black in rubber products plants. Using an automatic filling machine, a carbon black supplier can make standard little packages with the bags e.g. 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg. These bags can be easily piled on pallets and shipped to the end users. Then they can be direct put into a banbury mixer duging rubber mixing process due to their particular low melting point and good compatibilty with rubber compounds. The bags will fully melt and disperse into the rubber as a minor ingredient. Properties:
  • High physical strength, suitable for most filling machines.
  • Good chemical stability, environmental stress cracking resistance, weather resistance and compatibility with rubber and plastics. 
  • Different melting points are available for different application.
  • Gusset or block bottom form, embossing, venting, color, printing