High definition - EVA Valve Bags for Rubber Chemicals – Zonpak

ZonpakTM EVA valve bags are a new type of packaging bags for rubber chemicals of powder or granule form e.g. carbon black, zinc oxide, silica, and calcium carbonate. The EVA valve bags are an ideal substitute for traditional kraft and PE heavy duty bags. The bags together with the materials contained can be direct put into a mixer because they can easily melt and fully disperse in the rubber compounds as a minor effective ingredient. Bags of different melting points are available for different using conditions. Using EVA valve bags can eliminate fly loss of the materials when packing and there is no need for sealing after filled, so it largely improves the packaging efficiency. With standard packages and no need for unpacking before using the materials, low melt valve bags also facilitate the work of the material users. Bag size, film thickness, color, embossing, venting and printing can all be customized at request.