EVA Meltable Film

ZonpakTM EVA meltable film is a special kind of industrial packaging film with particular low melting point (65-110 degree Celsius). Rubber chemical manufacturers can use this packaging film to make little packages (100g-5000g) of rubber chemicals on a form-fill-seal machine. Due to the film’s property of low melting point and good compatibility with rubber, the little bags can be direct put into a banbury mixer, and the packaging bags made of the film will fully melt and disperse into the rubber compound as an effective ingredient. Film with different melting point are available for different application requirements. BENEFITS:
  • High speed packaging
  • Clean workplace
  • Bags can be direct put into a mixer
  • peptizer, anti-aging agent, curing agent, rubber process oil
  • single wound, center foled or tube, colour, printing