China wholesale - EVA Plastic Valve Bags – Zonpak

High speed filling through the valve Clean filling, no fly loss or spill Self-sealing valve, no need for sewing or hot sealing Direct putting into a rubber mixer, no need for unpacking Customized melting point and bag size The above benefits make EVA plastic valve bags an ideal packaging for rubber chemicals of powder or pellet form. The bags bring convenience and high efficiency to both material suppliers and users.

Technical Standards

Melting point 65-110 deg. C
Physical properties
Tensile strength MD ≥16MPaTD ≥16MPa
Elongation at break MD ≥400%TD ≥400%
Modulus at 100% elongation MD ≥6MPaTD ≥3MPa
Surface of the product is flat and smooth, there is no wrinkle, no bubble.