Cheap PriceList for Ethyl Vinyl Acetate Bags - Low Melt Batch Inclusion Bags – Zonpak

With particular low melting points and good compatibility with rubber and plastics, the EVA batch inclusion bags are specially designed for the rubber or plastic compounding process. The bags are used to pre-weigh and temporarily store the rubber ingredients and additives, and they can be direct thrown into a banbury mixer during compounding process. Using low melting batch inclusion bags can help ensure accurater adding of chemicals, keep the mixing area clean, minimizes the worker exposure to harmful materials and increases the compounding efficiency.   PROPERTIES: 1. Different melting points (from 70 to 110 deg. C) are available as required.  2.  Good physical strength, such as high tensile strength, impact strength, puncture resistance, flexibility, and rubber-like elasticity.  3. Excellent chemical stability, nontoxic, good environmental stress cracking resistance, weather resistance and compatibility with most rubber e.g. NR, BR, SBR, SSBR. APPLICATIONS: Various rubber chemicals and additives (e.g. carbon black, silica, anti-aging agent, accelerator, curing agent and rubber process oil