2019 wholesale price Low Melt Batch Inclusion Bags - Low Melt Bags for Rubber Compounding – Zonpak

ZonpakTM low melt bags are specially designed for packing rubber ingredients and chemicals used in the rubber compounding process. The materials e.g. black carbon, anti-aging agent, accelerator, curing agent and aromatic hydrocarbon oil can be pre-weighed and temporarily stored in these bags. Due to their good compatibility with natural and synthetic rubber, these bags together with the materials inside can be direct put into an internal mixer, and the bags will melt and fully disperse in the rubber as a minor effective ingredient. BENEFITS:
  • Accurate adding of ingredients and chemicals
  • Easy pre-weighing and storing
  • Clean mixing area
  • No waste of additives and chemicals 
  • Reduce workers' exposure to the harmful materials
  • Less labor and time needed
  • Material: EVA
  • Melting point: 65-110 deg. C
  • Film thickness: 30-100 micron
  • Bag width: 200-1200 mm
  • Bag length: 250-1500mm