2019 Good Quality Low Melting Point Ffs Film - Low Melt EVA Packaging Film – Zonpak

ZonpakTM low melt EVA packaging film is specially designed for the FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) automatic packaging of rubber and plastic processing additives. Due to the film’s properties of low melting point and good compatibility with rubber and other polymers, bags made of the film together with the materials contained can be direct put into a banbury mixer during rubber mixing process. Using this low melt packaging film can largely increase the production automation and efficiency, improve the working environment, and reduce the production cost. Rubber and plastic additive suppliers can use this film to make uniform little packages for the users’ convenience. PROPERTIES: Different melting points are available as customers required. The film has good solubility and dispersity in rubber and plastics. High physical strength of the film make it suitable for most of the automatic packaging machine. The film material is non-toxic, has good chemical stability, environmental stress cracking resistance, weather resistance and compatibility with rubber and plastic materials.  APPLICATIONS: This film is mainly used for little and middle size packages ( 500g to 5kg) of various chemical materials and reagents (e.g. peptizer, anti-aging agent, accelerator, curing agent and process oil) in the rubber and plastics industries .

Technical Standards

Melting point 65-110 deg. C
Physical properties
Tensile strength MD ≥16MPaTD ≥16MPa
Elongation at break MD ≥400%TD ≥400%
Modulus at 100% elongation MD ≥6MPaTD ≥3MPa
Surface of the product is flat and smooth, there is no wrinkle, no bubble.