18 Years Factory Valve Type Low Melt Bag - Low Melting Point Valve Bags – Zonpak

ZonpakTM low melting point valve bags are specially designed for the industrial packaging of rubber chemicals and resin pellets (e.g. carbon black, zinc oxide, silica, calcium carbonate, CPE). Using the low melting bags with an automatic filling machine, material suppliers can make 5kg-25kg packages which can be direct put into an internal mixer by the material users. The bags will melt and fully disperse into the rubber compounds as a minor ingredient. Benefits of using the low melting point valve bags:
  • No fly loss of materials when packing.
  • Improve the material packing efficiency.
  • Facilitate the stacking and palletizing.
  • Help material users reach accurate dosing of materials.
  • Provide material users with cleaner work environment.
  • Eliminate the disposal of packaging waste
If you are a manufacturer or supplier of rubber additives or resin materials and plan to improve your packaging bags, please have a look at our Low Melt Valve Bags and tell us your specific application and requirements, our experts will help you to choose or design the right bags.Help material users cut down the cleaning cost.